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9 Photo Tips: Take Your Photographs to the Next Level

How to Take Your Photographs to the Next Level Photographer and author Marc Silber shares top 9 tips from his new book "AYP: A Handbook for taking photos you'll love." It has been a busy week at Silber Studios in Carmel, California. If you didn't know already, Marc Silber's new book, "Advancing Your Photography:

Powerful Women in Photography

This week in Advancing Your Photography, we focused on two powerful women in photography: Bambi Cantrell and Anna Kuperberg. Research performed by Kodak a few years ago revealed that 90% of the world's photographs are purchased by women. To Bambi Cantrell, this is not only an astronomical number but it also provides insight into why

Perseverance: Advice for the Aspiring Photographer

This week, Advancing Your Photography featured the SF based photographer, Jim Goldstein. As a professional photographer he specializes in outdoor and nature photography. He is in particular, passionate about the environment and is well known for infusing elements of the natural world in his commercial and editorial work. Interestingly, Jim's past consists of genetic research and being a

Ugly Models   UGLY is a London based modeling agency which specializes in "interesting looking characters". People who may seem "ugly" to some but could be extremely interesting subjects for photos. Hundreds of people from all over Europe come to their studios to audition to become an Ugly model. What do you think of the name