9 Photo Tips: Take Your Photographs to the Next Level

How to Take Your Photographs to the Next Level Photographer and author Marc Silber shares top 9 tips from his new book "AYP: A Handbook for taking photos you'll love." It has been a busy week at Silber Studios in Carmel, California. If you didn't know already, Marc Silber's new book, "Advancing Your Photography:

Photography Tips: The Key to Capturing Emotion

Famous rockstar and sports photographer shares his tips for capturing emotion and reality This week's featured photographer is all about capturing the feeling of his subjects and events. He's captured the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, and Joe Montana. Michael Zagaris a.k.a "Z-Man," has rubbed elbows and captured

12 Creative Composition Tips for Photographers

Twelve Tips for How to Compose Creative Photographs Award-Winning photographer Huntington Witherill keeps his creative composition tips coming in our new video, "Photography Tips: Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill, Ep.2." In Marc Silber's Show, Advancing Your Photography's latest video, wildly-imaginative photographer Huntington Witherill reveals twice as many creative composition tips for photography. He opens up

5 Creative Composition Tips from Huntington Witherill

Former "Artist of the Year" Reveals Composition Tips Huntington Witherill shares his unique approach to composition and inspires photographers to challenge themselves. VIDEO: Marc Silber's Advancing Your Photography Show, "5 Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill." Our new video is about mastering the art of visualization, and no one does it quite as uniquely as

Lighting Techniques Photographers Need to Know

National Geographic Photographer Says He Rarely Uses Flash In "Lighting Tips Pt. II," photographer Bob Holmes explains his award-winning lighting techniques plus how he captures the light from day to night. Practice. Practice. Practice. Ask almost any photographer and they'll tell you in order to capture beautiful photographs consistently, you need to practice. One of the most important photography