Inspiration in photography

Inspiration in photography Or how to get more efficiently in the zone Don't expect a foolproof method to find inspiration. If only it were that easy, right ? Here is rather a way, not to lose focus on your photography, a mere way to get in the zone, and stay here. Solitude - Photo Credit :

Imaginative Photography

Image via   Martin De Pasquale is an artist and photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has a knack for creating imaginative photography through his photographs that show daily nuances in a different light. He uses programs such as Photoshop, Poser and 3DS Max, to recreate images  to distort reality to

The Inspiration Behind Your Photography

The Inspiration Behind Your Photography "Whatever it takes to stay inspired is worth it." - Alan Cohen In a world over-saturated with information, photography tips are a dime a dozen. This post is not a tip or tutorial-- partially because it contradicts my opening sentence, but mainly because I'm not qualified to share any tips regarding