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Photo Tips: Using Light as a Language

HOW TO USE LIGHT AS A LANGUAGE Excerpt from Chapter 4, Advancing Your Photography Handbook Whether you are an amateur or a professional, every photographer knows that light is the most important factor in your photographs. Since photography means “light writing,” light is your basic tool that you are working with. Joe McNally, an outstanding

How to Shoot Like a Pro

  Shoot Photos Like a Pro  Award-winning photographer Bob Holmes is sharing his top tips for success Click to watch video   Buy Advancing Your Photography  Handbook.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just when you thought award-winning photographer Bob Holmes couldn't be more inspiring...Bob is back in our latest installment of Advancing Your Photography Show. In this episode, Marc begins talking to Bob

The Inspiration Behind Your Photography

The Inspiration Behind Your Photography "Whatever it takes to stay inspired is worth it." - Alan Cohen In a world over-saturated with information, photography tips are a dime a dozen. This post is not a tip or tutorial-- partially because it contradicts my opening sentence, but mainly because I'm not qualified to share any tips regarding