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Lighting Tips for Photography and Filmmaking from Fletcher Murray

Lighting Tips for Photography + Filmmaking from Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Fletcher Murray Watch here. "Finding my own way and setting up my self as an entrepreneur and production company, I could expand as a director and then a producer who could close clients with big budgets-- that's where I want everyone to

Filmmaking Tips from the Award-Winning “Dream Team Directors”

Filmmaking Tips from the Award-Winning Dream Team Directors Award-winning writers, directors, and creators Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennet are here to teach you everything they've learned about filmmaking and photography--from working with amazing celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Mackie, and Coldplay, as well as famous brands like Adidas, MTV and MAC. They

Light is Language: 5 Photo Tips & Advice from Joe McNally

Light is Language 5 Photo Tips & Advice from Joe McNally Watch Video. Mastering the art of light is one of the most critical steps in order to become a successful photographer. But often times, the most important thing to do, is the hardest to master. But don't worry. Watch AYP Show's new

Big Changes on the Way in 2018

Big Changes on the Way in 2018 Advancing Your Photography is undergoing some exciting changes in the new year In 2017, Advancing Your Photography grew tremendously, and we could not have done it without all of your support and enthusiasm. Our first book, the AYP Handbook continues to be a great success and we are

9 Photography Tips to Kickstart Your Creativity

9 Photography Tips to Kickstart Your Creativity Award-winning Photographer Bob Holmes share his best tips for finding your inspiration   9 Photography Tips to Kickstart Your Creativity:  Look at lines and diagonals  Capture Gestures  Find a punctuation mark, it can make your photos sing! Important to have an element of ""energy" in order

Composition Wisdom: 15 Tips for Amazing Photographs

Composition Wisdom 15 Tips for Amazing Photographs from photographers: Chase Jarvis, Bob Holmes & more     No matter what camera you’re using, even a smartphone, the two most important aspects to getting awesome images are composition and lighting. In this video, we're giving  you 15 tips to help you take amazing photographs

Photo Tips: Using Light as a Language

HOW TO USE LIGHT AS A LANGUAGE Excerpt from Chapter 4, Advancing Your Photography Handbook Whether you are an amateur or a professional, every photographer knows that light is the most important factor in your photographs. Since photography means “light writing,” light is your basic tool that you are working with. Joe McNally, an outstanding

Sports Photography Tips

4 Tips for Sports Photography An excerpt from Advancing Your Photography,  Chapter 7 Photo Credit: John Todd, Photographer  Whether it’s your kid’s baseball game or your favorite team, sports are always a great opportunity to capture some   stand-out images. Here are some tips from sports photographer John Todd, whose work has appeared in USA   Today, Sports Illustrated,

How to Shoot Like a Pro

  Shoot Photos Like a Pro  Award-winning photographer Bob Holmes is sharing his top tips for success Click to watch video   Buy Advancing Your Photography  Handbook.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just when you thought award-winning photographer Bob Holmes couldn't be more inspiring...Bob is back in our latest installment of Advancing Your Photography Show. In this episode, Marc begins talking to Bob