Filmmaking Tips

from the Award-Winning Dream Team Directors

Award-winning writers, directors, and creators Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennet are here to teach you everything they’ve learned about filmmaking and photography–from working with amazing celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Mackie, and Coldplay, as well as famous brands like Adidas, MTV and MAC. They are now coming onboard to AYP as coaches, with weekly videos to help inspire you to findĀ  your voice! They are super excited to hear from you and help take your filmmaking to the next level.

We took down some of our favorite tips & advice from our interview with the extremely talented duo! Check it out below. They are a welcome breath of fresh air and inspiration. We hope you enjoy. And be sure to comment on the YT video with your own photo and film questions— so they can answer them in the next video.

Film + Photo Tips:

“You can make a living at it!”_Bayou Bennet.

Be professional in every thing you do.

To be a great filmmaker, you have know everything: from the boom mic, to framing a shot, to camera settings, to editing.

Because you know how to make this grand picture— it puts you in control.

Lens choice + angles are important!

Don’t just shoot straight…tilt down and pan off.

Discover your subject through cinematography.

“As long as there is camera movement, I think it’s cool.”_Daniel Lir

You want to see the world in your own way — achieve that with angles and lenses.

Ask yourself, ‘How is the cinematography and the camera showcasing the story?’

‘How is this going to help the story develop?

Example: If it’s a story told from a child’s perspective, the camera should be shooting up to make the audience feel smaller.

Know the equipment

Know what you want to say– above all else.

Be original.

Talk to the talent before shooting.

Let them see the shot so they are not so nervous.

As a filmmaker you need to know how to sell your self, and it’s NOT BRAGGING!

Apply foundations of photography to cinematography, especially composition.

Develop your own unique voice. Focus on what makes your voice and your vision unique.

“They’ve dreamt about things no one else has dreamt about. That makes you unique.”_Daniel Lir

Thank you so much to the Dream Team Directors for the refreshing and inspiring advice. We can already feel our creative juices flowing. If this first video with Daniel & Bayou is any indication of the amazing advice they have in store– stay tuned! Be sure to leave your comments and questions in the comment section on Youtube.

You can find more of the Dream Team Directors work on their website or on Instagram @dreamteamdirectors.