Light is Language

5 Photo Tips & Advice from Joe McNally

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Mastering the art of light is one of the most critical steps in order to become a successful photographer. But often times, the most important thing to do, is the hardest to master. But don’t worry. Watch AYP Show’s new video, featuring 5-quick photo tips & advice from photographer Joe McNally. McNally talks about how light is its own language and how it can move us forward in a photograph.

Tips & Advice for how to use light as a language:

  • Light can be used to describe your subject, embellish or elaborate a scene
  • Too many photographers are scared of light
  • Flash and natural light can be hard to work with at first, but don’t worry…
  • You’ll know good light when you see it.
  • Don’t be afraid to wander around and try new things with light.
  • A well lit photo has a bigger impact on the viewer.
  • Good lighting makes the photo more visceral for those who weren’t there.
  • Great lighting makes the viewer wish they were there.
  • If the quality of lighting is poor, it can reduce a beautiful scene to just average.
  • Light can take you forward.

You can follow more of Joe and his work on his website, Joe McNally Photography or on Instagram at @joemcnallyphoto.

You can check out Joe’s books as well >>here.


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