9 Tips for Amazing Photos

with National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes

Struggling to really make your photos stand out? We’ve all been there. Our friend Bob Holmes stopped by AYP studios to help out and give you some personal tips he uses when he’s in a rut. Watch his tips for creating amazing photos.

Even if you’ve seen Bob before, this video is part of our newest and latest format we are trying out! It’s short and sweet. Plus, this video will give you easy access to his top tips— you can play it on your phone while you are out shooting for quick and easy to access tips!

In just over 3 minutes, Bob Holmes covers his big tips for how he gets his fantastic photos and why he has received “Travel Photographer of the Year Award!” He is the only photographer to be given the award FIVE times, most recently in 2017.

Want quick tips from a real pro? Watch now. 

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