Composition Wisdom

15 Tips for Amazing Photographs from photographers: Chase Jarvis, Bob Holmes & more



No matter what camera you’re using, even a smartphone, the two most important aspects to getting awesome images are composition and lighting. In this video, we’re giving  you 15 tips to help you take amazing photographs from some of the biggest names in photography, like: Chris Burkard, Bob Holmes, Chase Jarvis and – even Marc Silber.

15 Tips for Taking Amazing Pictures:

  1. Observe the scene without the camera first.
  2. Sometimes the simplest scenes are the best.
  3. Get close to your subject, then get closer.
  4. Shoot alone.
  5. Give subject 100 percent of your attention.

We saved the best tips for last! For tips No. 6-15, watch the video>>>Composition Wisdom: 15 Tips for Amazing Photographs.

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