13 Composition Tips

to help you step up your photography


 Composition is the heart of your photography. Here’s wisdom from 6 world-class photographers: 

  • Joe McNally (@joemcnallyphoto) tells you to bend the rules
  • Camille Seaman (@camilleseaman) says think of everything as shapes and learn to “choreograph” your images
  • Ed Kashi (@edkashi) tells us about “candid intimacy”
  • Joey L. (@joeyldotcom) talks about achieving balance like the master painter
  • Deanne Fitzmaurice (@deannefitzmaurice) talks about finding the layers in your composition
  • Bambi Cantrell (@bambicantrell) wraps up with how to have your subject forget the camera is there and reminds us that “expression beats perfection every time.”

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