4 Tips for Sports Photography

An excerpt from Advancing Your Photography,  Chapter 7

sports photography

Photo Credit: John Todd, Photographer

 Whether it’s your kid’s baseball game or your favorite team, sports are always a great opportunity to capture some   stand-out images. Here are some tips from sports photographer John Todd, whose work has appeared in USA   Today, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN the Magazine:

 His approach is “simple and clean.” “How can I make my subject pop out of the frame?”

 He always works out what the story is that he’s going for before he goes out and shoots. Then he’ll be able to go after those shots. He said the key is to “Get low, get high.” For example, with soccer or a field sport, try to get as low as you can. Then get high: go up in the stands, which helps you clean up your background and gives   you perspective.

He shoots with a 70-200mm and has trained himself to be able to get the camera in place and shoot one handed for fast reaction time, which is essential to capture the “Decisive Moment” and emotions.

Just as in playing a sport, in photographing sports, practice is essential. He’ll go in his backyard 
and practice quick focusing. “That’s really the key to sports photography!”

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sports photography

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