How to Take Your Photographs to the Next Level

Photographer and author Marc Silber shares top 9 tips from his new book “AYP: A Handbook for taking photos you’ll love.”

It has been a busy week at Silber Studios in Carmel, California. If you didn’t know already, Marc Silber’s new book, “Advancing Your Photography: A Handbook for Taking Photos You’ll Love,” hit the digital shelves on Amazon earlier this month. Since then, Marc has been busy interviewing with the local media and promoting the book online. You can order your own copy here. Despite the busy schedule, we managed to bring you nine photography tips to take your photos to the next level. In this “behind the scenes” video, the tables were turned on Marc, when he found himself being interviewed instead of him interviewing other photographers.

The interviewer, Doug McKnight from KAZU-NPR for Monterey Bay Area. McKnight swung by Silber Studios for a casual conversation about all things photography. His first question: What makes a picture? Click here for Marc’s answer.

What makes a picture? Doug McKnight, KAZU_NPR

geometry photography

Geometry in photography _Marc Silber

Marc talks about geometry and angles in photography, but he says what makes a picture is “having an emotional response” to something. Your emotion compels you to capture the image. It is that emotion that you want to convey through the image.

McKnight asks Marc about how he got into photography, and “what makes people as passionate about photography as {he} is?”

“It’s just really that transfer of information from me to somebody else.”_Marc Silber

decisive moment photography

Decisive moment photography_Marc Silber

More photo tips from this episode:

  • Capture what excites you
  • Discover what triggers an emotional response
  • Capture photograph from different vantage points
  • Visualize when you take the photograph and when you process image
  • Think about how you want to use the image (frame it, postcard, instagram)
  • Communicate what you saw and felt
  • The “decisive moment”
  • Anticipate the action
  • Tell a story

Tell a story _Marc Silber

Check out the full episode of “9 Photo Tips: Take Your Photos to the Next Level.” Plus check out the latest article about Marc’s new photography book : A Photographer Distills Wisdom to Advance the State of the Art. You can pick up a hard copy of the Monterey Weekly and find it on page 30.

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