Top 10 Items Every Travel Photographer Needs

Award-winning photographer Bob Holmes shows us what’s inside his camera bag plus do’s and don’ts of travel photography


Imagine. It’s sweltering hot outside. You’re on a photoshoot. You’re carrying your camera bag, with at least two different cameras inside, along with a tripod, maybe a light filter, batteries, a laptop, plus some water bottles to keep you hydrated. The sweat is dripping down your face and you don’t even have a free hand to wipe it off your brow. It’s hard to visualize and focus on the perfect photography under these conditions. That’s why we asked former National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes to share his secrets for travel photography, in our new video, “Travel Photography Equipment Tips from Bob Holmes,”  Bob says the key is to keep it simple. He gives us a look inside his camera bag and shares the top 10 items every travel photographer must have in their bag. So before you head out on your next photoshoot, take a couple minutes to watch these latest tips from Marc Silber’s Advancing Your Photography Show.

Travel Photography Tip: Bring multiple camera bodies

Travel Photography Tip: Bring multiple camera bodies _Photo Credit: Bob Holmes

Travel Photography Tips: Bring extra batteries, memories cards and hard drives

Travel Photography Tip: Bring extra batteries, memories cards and hard drives _Photo Credit: Bob Holmes

Travel Photography

Travel Photography Tips: Bring multiple lenses, for example wide-zoom, macro _Photo Credit: Bob Holmes

 We put together a travel photography packing list for you:

  • -At least 2 types of camera bags: one big, one small/tote (Bob highly recommends ThinkTANK gear –BTRW click and yopu’ll get a free gift.)
  • -Laptop for on-location editing
  • -Multiple camera bodies (Bob uses Nikon D810 & Nikon D4)
  • -Multiple Lenses: 28-300mm, Macro, Wide Zoom 24-70,2.8
  • -Flash Gun
  • -Multiple hard drives
  • -Memory Cards
  • -Batteries
  • -Cleaning Cloth
  • -Blower
  • -Water
  • -Snacks
  • -Extra clothing
  • -Bob Tip: Never “check” your equipment at the airport

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Advancing Your Photography won a People's Telly Award.

Advancing Your Photography won a 2016 People’s Telly Award.

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