model photography

Pin-up model Tiffany Richardson in Laguna Beach, Ca. Photo: André Felix

This is pinup model Tiffany Richardson, one of the top models here in California. I scouted the location (South Laguna Beach) a full week before the shoot date, making sure I had the perfect spot to photograph for one of my 12 commissioned swimsuit calendar shots.

This shot is one of my favorites because everything was thought out — from the perfect location and the perfect timing, to the perfectly gorgeous super model with all the right moves. (Tiffany made $1,000 for 20 minutes of her time.) With the logistics taken care of I was able to focus on doing what I do best, which was simply to take a great shot.

I also really like that it’s all natural lighting and that the timing of the day was spot on. I used a reflector to bounce the light back onto the model and opened my f-stop 1/2 for shadow detail.

In the end, capturing the perfect image always comes down to using the 4 Ps: Preparation, permits, and perfect photography.

And that’s how I got the shot.

– André

André Felix is a photographer and graphic designer based in Southern California.

You can see more of André’s work by visiting his website, Also be sure to check out his book, Tips & Tricks, which will help you discover how to light your subject and make a great photograph look spectacular.