Access to Resources Found in the AYP Book! If you don’t have a copy order it now! 

Here are some of the resources found in the AYP book! Whenever I say “google” something (in the book), check here first to see if I did the “googling” for you. You may find a link just waiting for you to click on it. We made it super easy to follow along by using the page numbers from the book to correspond with this digital resource page!

There are a bunch of photography goodies on this page. Take your time and dig in to each one of the resources as needed!

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Chapter 1:

Any good photographer needs to nourish his art and inspiration. Open your mind to other people’s work, especially to the masters’ work. Here are some of my inspirations as a photographer:

page 24>>>Henri Cartier-Bresson I love his work for his ability to capture the beauty, geometry and poetry of everyday life.

page 25>>> The Family of Man book was a major inspiration for me, with the work of many fantastic photographers, get the book and go through it over and over.

Chapter 2:

page 39>>>  How to visualize: check out this video with photographer extraordinaire, Huntington Witherill (watch video above.) His techniques will be sure to inspire you to get out and shoot!

Other notable Book resources:

page 40>>>Alfred Stieglitz  known as the “father of modern Photography.

page 40 >>> Minor White  apply this when you visualize an image: “One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.”

page 42>>>Edward Weston   He has captured  some of the most iconic photographs of the everyday objects: A shell, a pepper even a toilet. Also the coastline in Carmel (where Silber Studios is located) with his classic nudes in the sand dunes.

More Video resources:

page 43>>> Chase Jarvis talks about visualization and his approach to photography (watch video below.)

page 51>>>Joey L talked to me about how he was influenced by the classical painters, and loads of other great information  (watch video below.)

Pg 52>>>The author of this book, George Lois, is not a photographer, but one of the most creative thinkers out there. I’ve learned a lot from his creative mindset and I think you can too, I recommend  his book with short very telling messages, which you’ll want to read again and again.

Chapter 3:

Pg 60>>> This chapter starts with my good friend and award-winning photographer Bob Holmes. We have done countless videos with him on our Youtube Channel. But this video is one that focuses on the fundamentals of photography according to Bob.

Pg 83 >>> One great way to always have your manual handy is to download my iOS app “Zither” that will keep track of all your gear and even find your manual and store it! It’s free on iTunes.

Pg 83>>> Look for the field guide for your camera and check the reviews, if they’re good get it. These, along with your manual, can really help you get friendly and learn the secrets of your camera.  Here are some more available at B&H.

Chapter 4:

More Video resources:

Pg 95>>> Check out part one of our composition tips with Bob Holmes (video above) and keep the learning going with Composition Tips Pt. 2 with Bob Holmes. There are dozens of great tips to take away from both videos, that you can put to use right away. Plus he shares photos from his trip to Cuba and Myanmar.

Pg 98>>>Angles:  How to Shoot a Movie Story I highly recommend this book especially if you’re shooting motion.

Pg 99>>> Here’s a short video I created on the use of angles:


Pg 105>>> Whether you are a beginner photographer or a pro, you know that photography is “writing with light.” And no one explains the “language of light” better than photographer Joe McNally. Check out his lighting advice plus more photo tips in the video below.

Pg>>>109 App for the Golden Hours. 

Chapter 5

Pg>>>119 You know by now that I recommend Adobe Lightroom for your digital processing. You can buy Lightroom here. 

Pg>>>119 Start by watching this easy-to-follow 6 minute video we made to help you get started with Lightroom!

Pg >>>119 Check out Scott Kelby’s book Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.

Pg>>>120 Before you start processing your photos, here is a website about how-to-calibrate-your monitor.

Pg 141>>> Check out the Nik software from Google that will take your black and white photos to the next level. It’s called “Nik Collection.” The best part, it’s FREE to download!

Chapter 6:

Online resources:

Pg 153>>> Now that you’ve processed your photos, you’ll want to SHARE them. I recommend SmugMug s your on-line platform. Here’s my SmugMug site, with a sample of my work. Go here to get your free SmugMug 14-day trial today, and save 15% on a subscription

Pg 156>>> You’ll want to print you pictures. I trust Bay Photos to print high quality prints. Plus they have great customer service. Check them out at

Pg>>> To get great framing done in the San Francisco Bay area, visit Richard Sumner Gallery and talk to Mamut.  Tell him I sent you.

Chapter 7

This chapter is to help you hone in on the style of your photography. We’ve got great advice from outdoor photographers, travel, wedding, portraits and more. Discover which one is best for you!

Pg 172>>>We start this chapter by talking about Annie Leibovitz, known mostly for her celebrity photos over many years. She always carries a camera with her, ready to capture whatever moment arrives. You can learn a lot from her, have a look at her books.

Pg 178>>> Camille Seaman says her photography is about who she is and how she is connected to nature. Her hope is to make you feel, make you connect. Her images are powerful and definitely worth a look in this episode of Advancing Your Photography:

Pg 180>>> Bambi Cantrell is an AYP Show favorite! Bambi is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer. Her images are stunning and her advice is spot on.

Pg 184>> If you have ever thought you might want to be an outdoor photographer, Chris Burkard is the man to learn from. Check out this interview from one of the most talented outdoor and adventure photographers we know!

Pg 186>> Capturing precious moments of your kids on camera is becoming more and more popular. Lena Hyde is a family and lifestyle photographer who is sure to give you some helpful tips in this episode of AYP Show:

Pg 187>>> Are you ready to pack your bag (and your camera bag) and just go! Travel photography is one of the most rewarding types of photography out there, but before you go, here’s what you need to know from our friend, National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes. Speaking of Bags, Bob and I both use Thinktank (click on this link to get a special offer) they have fantastic bags — made by photographers for photographers.

Pg 189>>> Sports photography is not for the faint of heart. Moments pass by in a flash and you better be ready to capture them! Photographer John Todd has worked for some of the biggest sports magazines in the industry and he shares some of his tips in this video:

Pg 192>> Animal and Wildlife Photography is all about patience and according to photographer Florian Schultz, angles. Check out his amazing wildlife images and learn from him in this video:

Pg 195>> Wedding & Event photographer Chris Knight lives and breaths by a shot list! Check out this one we found for you for your next wedding or event shoot.

Pg 196>> Photographer Anna Kuperberg has a way with people and dogs! She has some great advice in this video, for capturing memorable photographs.

Chapter 8:

Pg 219>>>We mention this article in the book: “Getty Understanding Formal Analysis.” Read it to help your further understand compositions an lines in your photographs.

Pg 221>>> Check out this very informative article on Mood Lines, which were outlined by John Ormsbee Simonds in his book Landscape Architecture. 

Pg 222>>> Be sure to # your photos on instagram with #AYPClub to let others in our community critique them, and be sure to do the same for them.

***Even though we’ve reach the end of the AYP Book, our resources our unlimited. Be sure to check back on this resource page periodically, as we will continue to update it with any new photography resources we have and find!

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