Advancing Your Photography: A Handbook for Creating Photos You’ll Love

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advancing your photography handbook

In Advancing Your Photography, Silber provides the definitive handbook that will take you through the entire process of becoming an accomplished photographer. From teaching you the basics to exploring the stages of the cycle of photography, Silber makes it so you can master the art form.

Purposefully compact, this handbook is meant to fit in your camera bag as it will be your guide and coach as you expand your artistic endeavor.

Photography and the technology associated with it is constantly evolving, but the fundamentals remain the same. Advancing Your Photography will carry you forward in a lifetime of pursuing the art and accomplishment of photography.

What you’ll learn from the book:

  • The top tips for making outstanding photographs from many iconic photographers as well as today’s top photographers ― with many examples and step by steps to implement
  • How to put this advice into use and train your eye to see composition with emotional impact
  • Know and master the key points of operating your camera like a pro
  • How to capture remarkable photographs with more tips from the pros
  • How to process your images to professional standards
  • Tips for sharing your work to get it out in the world!
  • Easy to follow tips for nine genres of photography including  photographing children, sports, events travel and many more
  • How to continue to advance to professional levels!

From the author:

“What makes this books so powerful is that I have been able to distill from my 1000s of hours of interviews with top photographers high level knowledge, that would take decades to acquire ― but I have presented this knowledge in a way that even a new photographer can grasp and put it right to work. If someone applies themselves and rolls up their sleeves, with this handbook, they can become an excellent photographer and make photographs that they and others will love.”


What readers are saying:

“I’m proud to be featured as a “professional photography master” in this fantastic new book from Marc Silber, check it out on Amazon. 🙌🏻” Lena Hyde, Family Portrait Photographer


“I was fortunate enough to work alongside Marc from the beginning of the book writing process. He was consumed by the process in a great way; so dedicated. He was determined to create a photography handbook unlike any other and he did. It’s a comprehensive yet distilled collection of photography topics from composition to Adobe Lightroom. This handbook will make you a better photographer.”- Hollie M. Fleck, AYP Show Production Assistant


“I’ve come to read, review and occasionally edit several books on photography. Thus, I feel particularly proud and honored to present Marc Silber’s unique handbook. It’s the first of its kind that will grant you that little extra that will make you a better photographer, by introducing you to the essential and paramount creative cycle of photography. Renowned interviewer, Marc Silber’s emphatic flow of his narrative will undoubtedly attract any reader, and feed his mojo.” – Jerome Milac, Photographer & Author


“Advancing Your Photography is a work of art, about art! Silber delivers clear, concise content, for all levels of skill, and accentuates the details that matter most to getting the result you desire. As an amateur myself, I felt more professionally suited to capture a meaningful photograph by applying what I learned.” – David Lee Jensen, #1 Best Selling Author of The Naked Interview


“This book was easy to read and understand. Everything was laid out in the perfect order for a beginner like me, and by the time I was done I really felt that I could take amazing photos, and was inspired to do so. It is also a visually beautiful book, which increased the quality of the whole experience.” – Catherine Weaver, Author and Educator


“Marc Silber has great insight into the photographic community. As an exceptional photographer with an easy interview approach, his videos capture the essence of the photographer.” – Larry Abitbol, CEO Bay Photo Labs


“When I first went on a photo walk with Marc Silber, professional photographer, I could see he had a knack of explaining how to get better photographs. Information about photography is much needed; Marc’s ability to get professional photographers and historical figures to explain how to get better photography is quite impressive.” – Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist and Author


“I’ve been involved personally in some of Marc’s work and hope to continue supporting him and his vision in the future. Personally as a blogger and social photographer I’m excited about Marc’s new book and am looking forward to helping to promote it across my own sphere of influence on the Web.” -Thomas Hawk, Photographer and Blogger