Bill to Ban Street Photography Vetoed

"Street Photography" Image via Google Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed SB79, a bill that would have banned street photography in an attempt to "protect the names, voices, signatures, photographs, and likenesses of the citizens of the state from exploration and unauthorized commercial use without the citizen's consent" The bill was authored by Sen. Jon

Photo Walk Gets Busted

Raves and photo walks have a lot in common. Both contain massive groups of people dancing with glow sticks and rolling on some sort of ecstasy. On second thought, the two share very few similarities. But that wasn't the case during a photo walk in Boyle Heights. What was thought to be a rave turned out

Rooftopping Is The New Fad

Image Provided via Google Search Yaroslav Kolchin, a 24-year-old tourist from Russia, illegally trespassed on to the Brooklyn Bridge in order to take a picture from atop of it. This act is known as rooftopping: where people dangerously scale to the top of a structure in order to capture photos of themselves and

Key To Success – Organization

From photographers to CEOs, organization goes a long way; especially at work. It's hard enough trying to keep track of deadlines and meetings, let alone creative ideas. Throw in your personal life and suddenly the window ledge on the top floor looks like a sanctuary. Thankfully, there is a safer and better solution. Alykhan Jetha,

Chase Jarvis Shooting With A Lego Camera   DigitalRevTV has a great series called, Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera. They flew Chase Jarvis to Hong Kong and had him shoot a professional skate boarder and several different martial arts performers with a Lego toy Camera. It was surprising to see how the photos turned out with such a cheap camera, although chase

Remembering the Photography of Allen Ginsberg

Here's an interesting look into the life of Allen Ginsberg by a friend of our blog, Eve Pearce. Eve is an avid photographer who likes summer sunsets and writing in cafes. She looked into the life of Ginsberg and discovered that like all of us here, he had a keen interest in photography. Remembering the