What is the AYP Club?

The AYP Club is your destination for everything photography-related. Whether you want to learn more about the craft, have your work critiqued or just meet up with other photographers, the AYP Club offers a fun and engaging place to share your love of photography.

How do I find friends?

After you create an account and fill it out, click on the links that appear in your profile. For example, did you list “natural landscapes” as a favorite genre? Just click on his name and you’ll be able to meet all other AYP Club members with the same interest.

How do I upload photos for critique?

To upload your images for feedback from other AYP member and possibly Marc and maybe even past AYP guests:

1. Head to your “My Account” tab,

2. Click on “album” and use the “upload picture” feature,

3. After you enter in descriptions of your photographs,

4. Go to “AYP Club” tab>groups> and look for the  group Photo Critiques click on “join group”

5.  Now click on the tree icon (insert/edit image)  and click on the browse button, to the right of  “image URL” This takes you to your album,

6. Click on the image to be critiqued, make any adjustments to the image, and click “Insert”

7. If you want, you can leave a note about your image in your photo critique post.

7. While you’re waiting for responses, look over the other photographs and leave your critique to help others out too. Be sure to see our Critique guidelines.

Does it cost anything to get a critique?

All critiques offered by our members, Marc and possibly AYP’s professional photographers are completely free! Just make sure to remember us when AYP’s advice helps you make your photograph famous.

How do I start my own AYP group?

Nothing helps get your creative juices flowing like having other people to bounce your ideas off of. To start your own AYP group, head to the “groups” option under the AYP Club tab at the top of our site. Look at the top of the Groups page, next  to Groups Directory, you’ll see the “Create a Group” button, click to form your group. Then you can add details about your new group, including an image and whether you’d like to keep it private, public or hidden. Finally, spread the word about your group by sending invites to other AYP Club members.

How do I link my AYP account to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr?

To link your AYP member account with your other social media profiles, head to your AYP profile page and click on “Settings.” There you’ll see a big blue bar to connect to Facebook. From there you’ll also be able to enter information from Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, and pretty soon you’ll be sharing your AYP experiences with ALL your friends.

Have more questions? Just send me a message – @JeffRacheff – and I’ll get you back on the road to creating incredible photography in no time.