In this video Chase Jarvis ( shares the steps he takes before shooting.


  1. andrenj1970 July 6th, 2012

    c r e a t i v e

  2. dobermansnp July 6th, 2012

    short video, hope theres a long version of this like a 30min or something… love your videos mr. silber!

  3. marcsilber July 6th, 2012

    Oh there is! Check out the annotation at the end of the video.

  4. Roberto Inetti July 13th, 2012

    Great interview. I love all your videos @marcsilver.

  5. marcsilber July 16th, 2012

    thanks for watching

  6. marcsilber July 30th, 2012

    Thanks you can see the full video, see link in the description.

  7. dziady1 October 10th, 2012

    Great interview that shows why photography is the art form of the 2nd. rate as observed byPicasso .

  8. Pagansdad December 2nd, 2012

    I love these videos but why are they always twice as quiet! I have to strain my ears off to hear whats going on lol. ;)

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