Concert Photography – Easy guide

Concert Photography How to photograph during concerts Thomas Dutronc Concert - Photo Credit : Jerome Milac Summer is usually a very good time for concerts and festivals, such as the Fête de

Learn Lightroom Basics in 6 Minutes

Quick Video Teaches You Lightroom Basics Watch and learn how to create stunning "before and after" photographs in Lightroom In Advancing Your Photography Show's latest video, host Marc Silber walks us through a quick

Ansel Adams: The Making of “Moon and Half Dome”

The Story of How Ansel Adams Made "Moon and Half Dome" The iconic photograph was first made public in Ansels' son, Michael's wedding announcements. We tag along once again with Ansel Adams as he

A Rare Look Inside Ansel Adam’s Darkroom

Rare Video Shows Us Inside Ansel Adams' Darkroom Discover how Ansel Adams created some of his most famous photographs   In never-before-released-footage from Marc Silber's Advancing Your Photography Show, we get a look inside Ansel

Joe McNally’s Photography Tips

Interview with Joe McNally Composition and lighting tips from Joe McNally Award-winning photographer Joe McNally, master of lighting, who shot for Life, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, tells us more about the underpinnings of being

Ansel Adams Revisits Famous Photograph

Ansel Adams' Making of Moonrise over Hernandez, New Mexico Never-released footage shows Ansel Adams re-visiting location of one of his most famous photographs   The beginning of this video feels a bit surreal.

Travel Photography Tips: What Should You Keep in Your Camera Bag?

Top 10 Items Every Travel Photographer Needs Award-winning photographer Bob Holmes shows us what's inside his camera bag plus do's and don'ts of travel photography   Imagine. It's sweltering hot outside. You're on a

Outdoor Photography: Capture Your Adventures on Camera

Outdoor Photography Tips from Adventurer Chris Burkard Chris Burkard is an Instagram sensation, surf enthusiast and extreme photographer! In our latest video, "Chris Burkard's Tips for Taking Great Outdoor Photos," Chris shares at

Advancing Your Composition : Colors

Advancing Your Composition  Part I : Colors Color Composition Polychromatic I - Photo Credit : Jerome Milac Photography is an art form that is based on the same elements of composition

12 Creative Composition Tips for Photographers

Twelve Tips for How to Compose Creative Photographs Award-Winning photographer Huntington Witherill keeps his creative composition tips coming in our new video, "Photography Tips: Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill, Ep.2." In Marc Silber's

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