Advancing Your Composition : Colors

Advancing Your Composition  Part I : Colors Color Composition Polychromatic I - Photo Credit : Jerome Milac Photography is an art form that is based on the same elements of composition

12 Creative Composition Tips for Photographers

Twelve Tips for How to Compose Creative Photographs Award-Winning photographer Huntington Witherill keeps his creative composition tips coming in our new video, "Photography Tips: Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill, Ep.2." In Marc Silber's

Photography Tips: Finding Your Shot

New Video: How to Find Your Shot Advancing Your Photography Show Host Marc Silber takes us on a fun, travel, photography adventure to one of the most iconic landmarks along California's beautiful coastline.

5 Creative Composition Tips from Huntington Witherill

Former "Artist of the Year" Reveals Composition Tips Huntington Witherill shares his unique approach to composition and inspires photographers to challenge themselves. VIDEO: Marc Silber's Advancing Your Photography Show, "5 Composition Secrets with Huntington

Inspiration in photography

Inspiration in photography Or how to get more efficiently in the zone Don't expect a foolproof method to find inspiration. If only it were that easy, right ? Here is rather a way, not to lose focus

Lighting Techniques Photographers Need to Know

National Geographic Photographer Says He Rarely Uses Flash In "Lighting Tips Pt. II," photographer Bob Holmes explains his award-winning lighting techniques plus how he captures the light from day to night. Practice. Practice. Practice. Ask almost any photographer and

Wedding and Portrait Photography Tips

Award-winning wedding photographer Bambi Cantrell reveals the secrets to making your subject comfortable We all know how precious life is and how quickly the moments pass. Think: wedding day, baby's first birthday,

Lighting Tips From National Geographic Photographer

The Secrets Behind Natural Light in Your Photographs. National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes reveals tips to capturing photographs using natural light. Let's face it, when it comes to lighting in photography,

7 Photography Tips from a 3-year-old

7 Photography Tips to learn from a 3 year old Mac, a 3 year old, gave us a few pointers about photography, pay close attention to his wisdom and photography tips.

Award Winning Composition Tips

Travel Photographer of the Year Reveals Composition Tips How to compose award-winning photographs with Bob Holmes. When it comes to composing the perfect shot, Award-Winning Photographer Bob Holmes said, "You've got to be there."  Marc Silber's

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