Lighting Tips From National Geographic Photographer

The Secrets Behind Natural Light in Your Photographs. National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes reveals tips to capturing photographs using natural light. Let's face it, when it comes to lighting in photography,

7 Photography Tips from a 3-year-old

7 Photography Tips to learn from a 3 year old Mac, a 3 year old, gave us a few pointers about photography, pay close attention to his wisdom and photography tips.

Award Winning Composition Tips

Travel Photographer of the Year Reveals Composition Tips How to compose award-winning photographs with Bob Holmes. When it comes to composing the perfect shot, Award-Winning Photographer Bob Holmes said, "You've got to be there."  Marc Silber's

How to Critique Photographs Made Simple

Photo Critiques Made Simple, Start Here How to critique photographs and advance your photography. Ansel Adams Conducting A Critique Session, Courtesy the Ansel Adams Gallery To learn photography, it's important to get your photos critiqued.

Photography Tips from 4x Travel Photographer of the Year

You're responsible for what's in the frame.  That is just one of the great tips you'll find inside Advancing Your Photography's latest video. Earlier this month, we were grateful for the

Photography : Is it just about pictures ?

Photography : Is there more to it, than just pictures ? The answer is out there... Image by Ansel Adams An old and wise friend of mine once told me, that life was

Would Ansel have gone digital?

  I came across this post form many years ago, but it looks like it wasn't published, but it's still an interesting question--  This question has been tossed about, but was answered by Ansel in

Free your Creative Spirit in Photography or any Art Form

Free your Creative Spirit in Photography or any Art Form --  This short video tells the key that opens your creative spirit in photography, music, writing -- or in any art

Outdoor Photography: Up Close and Personal at Point Lobos

Join Advancing Your Photography at Point Lobos If you've never been to Point Lobos or always wondered what this photographer's paradise looks like, click on Advancing Your Photography's latest video ! Outdoor photographer Marc Silber takes us a

iPhone Photography Tips That Will Surprise You

  Shot with iPhone 6  plus. Hey guys! It seems like everyone is a "photographer" these days, in one platform or another. Whether you're a traditional photographer with a studio, pumping out prints for weddings and other big