Photography Tips: Finding Your Shot

New Video: How to Find Your Shot Advancing Your Photography Show Host Marc Silber takes us on a fun, travel, photography adventure to one of the most iconic landmarks along California's beautiful coastline.

Inspiration in photography

Inspiration in photography Or how to get more efficiently in the zone Don't expect a foolproof method to find inspiration. If only it were that easy, right ? Here is rather a way, not to lose focus

Lighting Techniques Photographers Need to Know

National Geographic Photographer Says He Rarely Uses Flash In "Lighting Tips Pt. II," photographer Bob Holmes explains his award-winning lighting techniques plus how he captures the light from day to night. Practice. Practice. Practice. Ask almost any photographer and

Wedding and Portrait Photography Tips

Award-winning wedding photographer Bambi Cantrell reveals the secrets to making your subject comfortable We all know how precious life is and how quickly the moments pass. Think: wedding day, baby's first birthday,

Award Winning Composition Tips

Travel Photographer of the Year Reveals Composition Tips How to compose award-winning photographs with Bob Holmes. When it comes to composing the perfect shot, Award-Winning Photographer Bob Holmes said, "You've got to be there."  Marc Silber's

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