The AYP Good Karma Team is here!

Help Me, Help You!

Be part of an international team that is helping to advance photography and in doing so you bring on your good karma with photography!

ALSO we plan to have Google Hangouts for the team to go behind the scenes at AYP and get insider information!

It’s easy to sign up, just pick an activity that you would like to help with and then do it!

Photographer in France, I joined the team for one major reason : It’s all about photography, the love of images, and the need to share with one another. It’s not about me, not about you, not about anyone in particular, just about photography and the way it makes us feel. And with time, dedication and sharing, magic happens, and pictures come to life – Jerome Milac, France.

Sign up by clicking here!

Good Karma Team Projects

When: on your own time Where: on the web Open Volunteer Spots: 4

There are many easy ways to help, they all come down to simply contributing to the AYP community: Give feedback to photographs on the photo-critique page, this will help you too! Stay up to date on our YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and blog and contribute your honest responses.  This encourages others to get involved too. Invite others…Find Out More