AYP Book Resources

Advancing Your Photography: A Handbook for Creating Photos You'll Love AYP Resources Here are some of the resources found in the AYP book! Whenever I say “google” something (in the book), check here first

Take Better Photos with Every Click

How to Take Better Pictures with Every Click Listen to part of AYP Show's interview on NPR KAZU about how to take better pictures. d'Orsay Museum in Paris, from Advancing Your Photography Handbook, BUY

AYP Recommended Gear

AYP Some of  the gear we use! Recommended Gear Did you ever wonder, how, we at AYP, come to produce our photographs and videos? At last, here is a sneak preview of the meaningful

Every Photographers Must Have Handbook

Advancing Your Photography: A Handbook for Taking Photo's You'll Love Order your copy today! Coming this May, Advancing Your Photography will release its first book made just for photographers. Watch the video for a sneak

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