Flickr has joined the protest against SOPA and PIPA and is letting users darken their images for 24 hours to show their support in the protest. Flickr has also allowed users to darken other’s photos and not just there own to set an example of true censorship and not having control over what gets to be online. Users can only darken 10 photos for the 24 hour period, but 10 photos from millions of members can make a dramatic difference.

 Are you protesting against SOPA today? Let us know!

Get critiqued!

                         Here’s a great HDR from one of our members, Alex Santiago.

For those of you, who want feedback on your photos and tips on how to improve. Post your photos in our  Photo Critiques Group. We’ve had some great photos posted in there, and the feedback seems to be helping our readers improve. Even if you don’t want feedback on your photos, you can give feedback to others in the group and take a look at some beautiful photos.

Window Seat without the plane

Korean designer James Kim, has made what are possibly the coolest photo frames yet. “Airframe” is an airplane window seat lookin’ photo frame which fits an 8 x 10 photo.
You can get 3 frames in a set for $47 each, it’s a tad pricey but it definitely looks cool. Get them at the design boom shop.

I love to see folks in the AYP Club diving right in to the Photo Critique group and putting up their photographs, getting and giving feedback. As you’ve heard me say before, this is really important in the process of advancing your photography. We’re working on the 4th Division of photography: Sharing and getting feedback.

I’m pretty dang busy right now but I try to make my way around and see what’s being posted and add my comments, if I feel I’ve got something to say. I’ve made a few observations that I want to pass along:

1. Story. Figure out what your story is, photography is a language (light-writing) so basically you are telling your viewer what you “saw and felt” as Ansel told us, that Alfred Stieglitz said.

2. Link Photos. In photojournalism you are definitely telling a story–this may be about your family trip to Paris or New York or a walk down Main Street, but it’s still photojournalism. Many times you’ll use photographs to link other photographs in your story.  Daniel Milnor explained this very well. I’d like to invite photographers to make a note if the photo they are posting is a “stand-alone photograph” or is part of a series, or is simply one that links to others in a series.  This will help you get your message across to your viewers.

3. Take one more step. Once you’ve identified your subject, who you’re telling your story about, remember to take another step closer  as Neal Menschel told us. You may think this passing your comfort level, good–do it. If you don’t push the edges, you’re not going to grow!

4. Watch AYP Videos. I shot these interviews because each of  these photographers is remarkable in their own way and each has valuable information to pass along. My dream with the AYP Club is to have it fully integrated with our videos and blog posts, so that you have easy access to the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained.  We want to put up a wiki so our community can index the know-how along with other valuable material out there in the photo-world.

In any case, I invite you to

a. dig in to the genre of photography you want to advance in,

b. watch the videos in that genre,

c. then shoot,

d. post for critique,

e. watch, etc!

Now before I leave you on this rainy California day, please do this simple assignment for me: Decide on a story you want to tell (keep it simple at this point), it can be a single photograph with a simple story like “here’s my dog chasing her tail” . Go and shoot it, take that one step closer. Post it for critique.

See your around the club!


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