Why Photographers Should Read Guy Kawasaki’s New Book

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Guy Kawasaki’s new book What the Plus! is a must-read for anyone who’s interested in how to get more out of Google+. And it’s a must-read for any photographer who’s sharing photos on the Internet.

What the Plus!Last night, with my dog sitting on my lap, I read What the Plus! on my iPad, from start to finish. Although it’s some 130+ pages in length I was able to enjoyably breeze through it as if it were a magazine. And guess what? At $2.99 the ebook version of What the Plus! costs less than a Grande Caffè Latte.

Photographer Dave Powell guest wrote Chapter 7 on how to share photos and it’s excellent. This is why I’m calling it a must-read for photographers.  You’ll get an easy-to-understand illustrated tutorial on how to share photos using Google+. Dave walks you through exactly why and how to upload photos onto Google+. Within minutes you’ll be branching out into a whole new world of online photo sharing.

One of the things I like most about Guy’s new book is that it makes Google+ easy to understand and put to immediate use. As a photographer, I’m visually oriented and need to “see” how to do things. The chapter on photography shows me how simple it is to share photos on Google+ and how to get started with just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you’re not already familiar with Guy Kawasaki there’s no better way than to sit down with him for 15 minutes in this May 2011 interview where Guy discusses his then-new book Enchantment with Marc Silber. After watching this interview I think you’ll understand why I think Guy is an inspiring, innovative, and creative person who we can all learn from.

Photography is about a lot of things, but sharing is a huge part of it. Google+ takes photo sharing to a new, exciting, and global level. Take a look at What the Plus!, learn what’s happening with Google+, why it’s a game-changer, and in no time you’ll find yourself jumping right in.

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