As promised, we’re publishing extended videos for our AYP Club members with loads of extra content–you can still login for free just go to our AYP Club here then click on videos under AYP Club.

Join us on the AYP Club exclusive extended version of my visit to Ansel Adams’ home and darkroom. You’ll hear his son Michael talk about some of Ansel’s most iconic images, including the breakthrough he had when he first visualized the image of Half Dome. This led to the development of his unique and masterful style. You’ll also see much more of his darkroom and hear about how Ansel worked and see the darkroom he custom built, like none on earth. Join us now for this rare, behind the scenes look.

This is the full edit for AYP Club members only, of Jeff Johnson, who has a dream job as a Patagonia staff photographer. He gives his tips for outstanding travel and photojournalistic images. Jeff is also the lead in the film 180 Degrees South which retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heros Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. Jeff talks about how the movie came about and his experiences along the way as a photographer.

A few of the questions that we discussed were
1. How do you tell stories with your photographs?
2. What’s the story of making the film 180 South?
3. How was it transitioning from still to motion?
4. How do you approach a photojournalistic assignment?
5. Any tips for capturing great light?
6. How about your tips for composition?
7. How do you get the “mojo” in your photographs?

but then we talked about a whole lot more, so give it a watch,  you can still login for free just go to our AYP Club here then click on videos under AYP Club

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