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Marc began taking black & white photographs in the 60s, beginning his photographic career at the legendary Peninsula School, avidly learning composition and darkroom skills. He took frequent trips with camera to the mountains and coast, falling in love with the beauty and the spirit of the Sierra and the California coast. Through his images he has been able to capture the expression of the spirit, each telling a story, whether of the spirit of nature or the spirit of the individual.

Marc studied the works of masters such as Ansel Adams, the Westons and Henri Cartier-Bresson but quickly forged his own unique style and quality.

He honed his skills at the celebrated San Francisco Art Institute—one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of higher education in art and photography in the United States. The Art Institute’s photography department was founded by no less than Ansel Adams and Minor White. See Marc’s statement at the Art Institute alumni profiles www.sfai.edu (with contemporary Annie Leibovitz.)

Silber’s work covers a full range from environmental portraits to natural landscapes and abstracts. His collection“My Mexico 1969″ from the Sierra Madre, gives us a rare glimpse into the remote mountain region above Mazatlan, days by jeep and foot. He tells of the people being so grateful for the medical help, brought by the project he was a part of, that he was allowed to photograph and capture their life in a completely intimate manner.

Though Marc moves through his fifth decade as a professional photographer, he is still constantly exploring approaches, styles and projects. He also loves to teach photography and has received wide acclaim from those who have attended his classes. He has written an ebook Taking Memorable Photographs with an accompanying Photowalking video.

A brief sample of those who have viewed Marc’s work:

“Very simple, clean HIGH COMMUNICATION LEVEL without distractions.”


“These are beautiful photos and really evocative… even those which depict places I’ve never been..”

“These are beautiful, evocative, artful, and sophisticated.”

“The pictures are exquisite!”

“Quiet, thoughtful, and eloquent”

“It is clear that you have a magnificent sense of composition as well as the timing and technical understanding of light to make powerful work…”

“These are beautiful photos and really evocative… even those which depict places I’ve never been to. I can see your affinity to Ansel Adams…”

Artist Statement

My love of in photography began when I was in grade school and grew as a means of telling visual stories. As the etymology of photography is “light writing” I find this means of writing to be my favorite form of expression.

I remember when I was seven cherishing my Kodak Brownie and drug store prints—yet the thrill of capturing images has stayed with me ever since. When I was in the 7th grade I learned the magic of the darkroom and spent hours in the tiny school darkroom. I was amazed to find that I could take my vision from “outside” and bring it to life in the darkroom. My interest continued to expand and grew with the subject over these many years. Taking pictures was such a way of life for me that wherever I traveled I always had my Leica, Nikon or Rolliflex hung about my neck.

I am an adventurer—trekking, snowboarding, surfing and climbing extensively. At 19 I became an instructor for the famed National Outdoor Leadership School of mountaineering. These experiences have given me ample opportunity for travel and nature photography, two aspects of my art. I do love action and the thrill of conquering a sport and feeling alive. I believe I have been able to translate this into my photography.

I have traveled extensively and have photographed my journeys. Pictures that tell a story is what I aim for, and I am always pleased when I get this feedback from those who view my work.

I learned to favor simplicity of composition from Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Though their styles are miles apart, I learned from both. I do not get caught in the technical details but have honed my work to be a view into the world that I see.

I have spent years teaching and love to help others find their voice by getting beyond their uncertainties. I have also found that people coming to my shows enjoy speaking with me and finding the stories behind some of my images.

I love showing my work; it thrills me to have others enjoy it as well.

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